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About Us


“The Companion, Li llahi l hamdu, Sirran wa jahratan"

The Companion, an association of Muslim men in business and the professions, was established in 1384 A.H. (1984) in Lagos, Nigeria. The Companion is committed to an all-around human development based on the principles of Islam as enunciated by Allah in the Qur’an, exemplified by Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW), and lived by the rightly guided companions. It is to practice and present Islam as the vibrant and all-time value system concerned not only with spiritual life but human development as a whole.

The programmes and activities of The Companion have been organised around four (4) major themes of Da’wah (Propagation and Enlightenment), Education, Economic Empowerment, and Political Empowerment and Community Engagement.

The Companion, working in concert with other Muslim organisations, being its usual working philosophy, has lately focused on the need to strengthen the Muslim Ummah, foster unity and evolve credible leadership for the Muslims. These efforts have recorded some modest achievements, the notable one being The Leadership Roundtable Project that has since led to the formation of Muslim Ummah of South-West Nigeria (MUSWEN), an emerging umbrella and coordinating organisation for Muslims in the region. The Companion is also currently championing the establishment of the Academy for Ethics and Leadership, to promote leadership principles among the youths and ethical practices among the leaders.

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